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Signs That You Need a New Roof

Maintaining your roof is an important part of maintaining your home. Roof leaks can cause extensive damage inside the home, as well as increased energy bills. To avoid such instances, it is important to address roofing issues as quickly as possible by contacting your local roofing company in O’Fallon. Below are a few indicators that you may need a new roof.


Shingles are your first line of defense. Not only do they help to protect your roof, but they also can serve as an indicator that it is time to replace your roof. You just need to know what signs to look for. If your shingles are doing or have any of the following, it might be time to get your roof replaced:

  • Curling
  • Buckling
  • Losing granules
  • Missing

It should be noted that these things are not always an indication that a new roof is needed. However, they do indicate that something is wrong, and you should have your roof checked by a professional.

You See the Light

Roof issues do not always start as big catastrophes. In fact, many issues begin as small cracks and wholes. Therefore, you should make a practice of visiting your attack every few months and checking if you see any daylight. While you are up there, you should also check for any moisture in your insulation. If you see any sunlight or your insulation is wet, you should have it checked immediately.

Roof Age

Experts say that an average asphalt shingled roof lasts between twenty to twenty five years. There are also characteristics that can shorten that time span, such as if the current roof is sitting on top of old shingles and if there is proper ventilation.

If you notice any of these signs, it might be time for you to replace your roof. Contact a local roofing company in O’Fallon to get a price quote and possibly replace your roof to protect your home investment.

Never Take for Granted the Roof Over Your Head

As hard as it is for most people to fathom, there are thousands of people who do not have a place all their own to sleep. Hail, snow, or high water, they are exposed to the elements and other untold dangers night after night. Any roofing company in St Paul, MO should be aware of the difference a well-made roof can make in a child’s life and development. The best among them take their role in ensuring your child grows up to perpetuate the love and kindness learned from you as parents as seriously as they do any other aspect of this rewarding job.

Appreciation of Shelter

The roof over your head may be something you take for granted. Most of you were born into families that provided for all of your creature comforts from the very beginning, making sure that you had more than adequate shelter. For most, the idea of not having a place to sleep at night that is both safe and comfortable is as foreign as imagining sleeping on another planet. When they sleep under the stars, it is by choice, and there are lots of images to share on social media to prove that a great time was had by all.

Preparation Against Poverty

Among the types of people who find themselves on the street for any number of reasons are veterans who have served our country in times of war and peace, mentally ill people, and children who are likely to repeat the heartbreaking lifestyle. It is easier to judge others for allowing themselves to live in such wretched conditions than it is to be compassionate sometimes. The best way to avoid such deplorable ends completely, though, is to understand that bad times can befall anyone. Preparation against such poverty is your number protection.

As you consider the expenses of maintaining your home and search for a roofing company in St Paul, MO, please consider the ways in which you can help eradicate homelessness. With roofing needs of your own, it should be easy to contemplate how different your life would be without shelter at all.

Reinvent Your Home With New Siding

Do you want to stand out from the tiny suburban boxes that all look the same? Or perhaps, you want to add a little more curb appeal to your existing home? It’s time to make your home stand apart from the rest and be proud of where you live with a new exterior. A siding company in Arnold, Missouri could help you do this. While vinyl siding seems to be everywhere due to its easy and cheap installation, there are a variety of more artistic and distinct options.


Wood siding has been a staple for hundreds of years, and it can provide substantial durability. However, in recent decades it has lost its appeal because the regular upkeep required. If you are up for the job of regular staining and sealing, then natural wood is an excellent option to add a cabin or cottage appeal to your home. With its natural knots and intricacies, it is a natural artistic wonder. In addition, wooden shakes and shingles can be created in different sizes and placed in visually interesting patterns. It will bring an element of classic authentic beauty to your exterior.


Brick is another material that has been used for centuries, and it can add grandeur and sophistication to your home’s façade. Historically, the siding was used on Tudor, colonial, and English cottage exteriors. Brick brings a sense of regal and strong history to your home, adding richness and sophistication. While grand, brick also adds a sense of a cozy cottage. One draw back is that traditional brick and mortar can be expensive and time consuming to install, but many siding companies offer veneers that can create the same effect.


Rock adds a modern natural elegance to the exterior, and is perfect for any home from a mountain estate to a beach side cottage. It creates a clean element that with variants and artistry. Rock siding can be used to cover the entire exterior of your home, but it is typically more effective as an accent. You can use the rock siding to cover portions of your home to create a unique façade.

When considering installing new siding on your home, don’t just go for the cheap easy norm. Instead, once you have found a siding company in Arnold, look into some more creative, elegant and unique options.