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lightning strike near a roof of a home

How to Protect Your Roof from Bad Weather

Extreme summer and winter temperatures can produce harsh weather conditions at a moment’s notice. Though your average thunderstorm or snowfall is not always causing for concern, your roof may not be able to withstand severely lousy weather. Protecting your family, belongings, and house structure are essential, and with the help of EZ Home Solutions, you can ensure their safety during every storm.

One of the most important things you should do is have your roof inspected to determine its overall condition. There may be damage lurking out of sight that requires immediate repairs or replacements, especially if you have never had the roof checked since living in your home. Our company excels in a variety of roofing services and will ensure we do a thorough check when you give us a call.

It is also important to clear out and protect your gutters every spring and fall season. The drainage system directs water away from your roof and home, but if it is full of leaves and debris, it will not be able to filter the water and melting snow effectively. Collected water in the gutters can cause mold growth, which can put your entire family’s health in danger.

If you are interested in the best roofing services and storm restoration in Minneapolis, be sure to contact EZ Home Solutions today. You can reach our team by calling (952) 544-7663.

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Three Roof Maintenance Tips to Prevent Serious Damage

As a homeowner, it is crucial for you to maintain the roof on your house, as it can cause significant problems if any damage is not fixed right away. At EZ Home Solutions LLC, we wanted to share three helpful tips you can do to prevent severe damage from happening to your roof.

Check nearby trees: You should check the trees near your home often for dead limbs that could fall onto your roof. If the limbs look like they are dying or are already dead, then you should have them removed before they fall. If the branches come crashing down, they could cause significant damage to your roof.

Clear away snow: Do not let snow build up on the roof, because it is only meant to hold a certain amount of weight. We recommend removing as much of the snow as possible after a major storm, so the weight does not exceed your roofing material’s limit.

Perform regular maintenance: If you notice a missing shingle, you should have it replaced as soon as possible. By keeping a close eye on your roof, you can spot small problems before they become major issues.

We hope our preventative maintenance tips help your roof last longer. If you are in need of roofing contractors in St. Charles, MO, contact our experts today at (314) 665-1860.