FAQ on our Windows in Ramsey County, MN.

At EZ Home Solutions, we want you to make an informed decision when it comes to the products used for exterior renovation. Our licensed contractor for windows in St Paul , is ready to answer any question you may have!

Why are your windows more expensive than what other companies advertise?

Those less expensive windows you see advertised are commonly referred to as builder-grade windows. They are made of lower-quality materials that will likely not hold up to the Midwestern weather conditions. Their cheaper price tag may also not include the cost of installation and service. At EZ Home Solutions, we offer you high-quality window installation service in Minnesota with no hidden service fees in our quote.

Why should I buy your windows instead of those at the local chain retailer?

The windows you see available at national home improvement chains are mass-produced in a factory and follow very generic specifications. They are designed to be a one-size-fits-all solution, but no two homes are exactly alike. Many window installation companies will buy these windows and force them to fit in the designated space. This process requires a number of shims and countless tubes of caulk, resulting in a less than appealing final product.

EZ Home Solutions will custom measure and build windows to fit your home’s exact specifications. Our custom windows in Minnesota, are precision engineered to 1/8” increments and are manufactured to fit the window opening. This provides you with the best looking, best-performing window.

What are fusion welded windows?

The term fusion welded refers to the corners of a window being welded together for weathertight performance. The edges are heat-welded together, providing the most efficient, highest-performing windows.

Is there a difference in the quality of the vinyl used in window frames?

Think of a brand name plastic water bottle, like Dasani® or Aquafina®. Then think of a more generic, cheaper brand that you can find in your local supermarket. Though the generic bottle of water may be cheaper, the plastic of the bottle feels flimsy and has a different texture to it than the more expensive name brand bottle. The same goes for the plastic vinyl used in windows in St. Paul, MN.

To determine the difference in quality, lower-quality vinyl has a dull blue or gray cast. When shopping for vinyl windows, look for vinyl that is bright white.

When it comes to window performance, what should I look for?

You first want to look at the Energy Star label, specifically the U-Factor. This indicates how well a window insulates against the transfer of thermal energy. The lower the U-Factor number, the better the window performs. You also want to check the quality of the glass. Our windows in Minnesota, feature glass that is 3 mm thick instead of 2 mm, which is the industry standard.

We also have exclusive insulation packages, such as ClimaTech®. ClimaTech® combines Low-E glass with argon or krypton gas and the Intercept® Warm-Edge Spacer System to achieve optimal energy efficiency.

Contact our licensed window installation service in St. Paul, MN, to start planning for your next renovation project. We proudly serve customers in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.