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How to Budget Costs for Roof Repair

Keeping your roof protected is an essential part of your overall home maintenance. You will need to act at the first sign of an impending repair, so it is essential to understand the costs of these repairs long before they are necessary. By learning how to budget the costs of roof repair in Ramsey County, MN, you will be able to ensure your roof always stays in top condition.

When you have a sloping roof, you may find that over time; your roof will develop a leak. Leaks can occur due to a variety of reasons, such as improper installation, lose or missing shingles, and clogged gutters. A leaky roof must be addressed immediately before water damage creeps into your attic, ceiling, and walls. The cost of this repair depends on the amount of damage that has already occurred but falls within $200-$450.

Another sloping roof issue is blow offs, which occur when the flashing is poorly attached. This is most common in asphalt shingle roofing, so be sure to check your roof after a day of high winds or a storm. Replacing missing shingles can usually cost around $190-$350, depending on the type of shingles and how many are missing.

By having some extra money put away for roof repairs, you will be able to have these issues taken care of in a timelier manner. Whether you need to repair a leak or replace shingles that went missing during a storm, keeping some savings off to the side for home repairs will ensure your roof lasts as long as it possibly can.

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How to Repair a Hole in Your Metal Roof

A metal roof has an excellent life expectancy. However, they will still require maintenance and occasional repair. When done correctly, a repair job can potentially outlive the rest of the roof. If you are in need of metal roof repair in Ramsey County, MN, the following is our recommended process.

Clean the Repair Area: Your first step should be to clean the area around the hole. The hole can be caused by anything from rust and deterioration or something that has fallen onto the surface. Clean the surface of the roof using a simple cleaner, removing any dirt, film, and algae that have grown. Then scrub the surface where the repair will take place with a wire brush to scruff it, which will help the sealant fuse to the metal.

Measure the Repair Area: Measure the area that will be repaired and cut a sheet of metal to the corresponding size. The patch should overlap the metal panel on your roof by at least two inches past the edge of the damage. Be sure to round the corners of the metal patch to prevent sharp corners from catching snow or ice.

Install the Patch: Apply the sealant to the surface of the panel being repaired. Be sure to apply liberally to ensure there are no gaps at the edge of the patch. Then press your metal patch into place, ensuring that the sealant squeezes out from all around the patch. Any areas where you do not see sealant could allow moisture underneath, causing additional deterioration.

Secure the Patch: Once you have pressed it into place, use sheet metal screws to attach the patch to the metal panel. You should be placing these screws within one inch of the leading edge, so the correct amount of pressure is applied.

If you need assistance with patching your metal roof, EZ Home Solutions LLC offers exceptional roof repair in Ramsey County, MN. Contact our company today at (952) 544-7663 to schedule a free home inspection.

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How to Find the Cause of a Leaky Roof

A leaky roof is something every homeowner despises, and it can happen for a variety of reasons. If you recently noticed a water stain on the ceiling of your home, especially in the upper levels, it is possible your roof has a leak. Before calling us for roof repair in Ramsey County, MN, there are a few things you can do to determine the cause of the leak.

  1. Locate the leak inside of the home. This will help you confirm if the water is indeed due to a roof leak or if there is an issue in other portions of your home, such as the plumbing, drains, or HVAC.
  2. Once you are sure it is your roof that is leaking, measure the location of the leak using two fixed points such as perpendicular walls or the chimney.
  3. Go into your attic, if accessible, and locate the leak source underneath the roof deck, using your measurements as guides. Take note of the area the leak is dripping from and remember that the actual entry point may be slightly different than where the leak shows in your living space.
  4. In the attic, measure the location of where the water is coming in from using fixed points, such as pipes, vents, or perpendicular walls. This information can significantly help your contractor in efficiently finding the openings in your roof in which the water is entering.


When you are in need of roof repair in Ramsey County, MN, EZ Home Solutions LLC has you covered. Contact our roofing contractors today by calling (952) 544-7663 to schedule a free home inspection.