How to Fix Sticking Double-Hung Windows

How to Fix Sticking Double-Hung Windows

If you have older double-hung windows in your home, you may experience issues with them sticking or refusing to open and close easily. There is a variety of causes to this, such as structural settling or age. Fortunately, a sticking window does not always require a significant fix.

How To Fix Sticking Double Hung Windows

Your first step should be to clean the window tracks, as dirt and grime may be preventing them from sliding correctly. Vacuum, dust, and wipe clean to clear any debris from the seams of your windows.

If you have wooden window tracks, you can lubricate them with any ordinary wax. There is a variety of other lubricants out there for other materials, such as vinyl. You do not want to use oil to lubricate your window tracks, as it can be a magnet for dust and can end up worsening your problem over time.

If you are unable to get your windows to open and close properly, your best bet is to contact the experts at EZ Home Solutions. Our team of contractors can help you diagnose and repair nearly any window problem you are experiencing. Call us today at (952) 544-7663 to schedule service for your next window repair.