What to Do When Your Insulated Window Breaks

What to Do When Your Insulated Window Breaks

Insulated windows can be a great way to help reduce your energy bills during the hot and cold months of the year. However, it is possible for them to break or become damaged. One of the easiest ways to spot this damage is if condensation or fog builds up between the panels that you cannot wipe away. Though your first thought might be to replace the entire window, you may not need to do so.

What To Do When Your Insulated Window Breaks

If the seal on your insulated window breaks, it is possible to repair it without replacing the entire window. Your first step should be to check the warranty on the window. It is possible that this damage is covered and you will be able to get it repaired at little-to-no additional cost.

If the warranty is expired, there are a few other options. Though you cannot fix the seal, it is possible to fix the visible fog and condensation from building up. You can also replace the glass of the window within the seal to find a better fit.

To prevent window failure in the future, examine them periodically for signs of separation between the frame and the seal. Caulk any gaps that you see, and contact an experienced window contractor when you need to repair or maintain your window.