5 Signs of Wear and Tear That Require a Window Replacement

5 Signs of Wear and Tear That Require a Window Replacement


Are you unsure of the signs to look for that may show it’s time to replace your windows? The windows on your home continually encounter the elements, meaning weather takes its toll and sometimes more. If you feel your windows are no longer doing their job but aren’t sure, there are many signs you can look for from high energy bills and increased noise to visible signs of wear and tear. It’s recommended to check your windows regularly, so you can contact a window professional for repairs and replacements as needed.

1. Higher-Than-Normal Energy Bills

The windows on your house play a significant part in heating and cooling your home, and if they aren’t in optimal condition, you may notice your energy bills being higher than you’re used to. Windows, doors, and skylights can all be significant sources of energy loss in your home. It’s encouraged to continually monitor the condition of your windows and conduct thorough checks each season, so any signs of drafts, leaks, and condensation are caught early on. Homeowners should also monitor their energy bills to identify any sudden changes in price. An increase in cost could be a sign of an underlying issue or that it may be time for a window replacement.

Drafts or Leaks

If you begin to suspect that a draft or leak is occurring in one or multiple windows in your home, it’s encouraged to conduct a draft test to check the frames of each window for any damage, rot from insects, and moisture. Homeowners can complete this check by testing for a slight breeze with your hands around the window frames or using a candle or match to see if the flame flickers at any point around the frame. Frames feeling softer than usual or any cracking are also signs to look for during your check.

2. Visible Signs of Wear and Tear

As your windows age, they’ll begin to show signs of wear and tear. While this is normal, it’s vital to monitor their condition continually. Depending on the level of damage, some window repairs can be done quickly, while others may require a full window replacement. Keep an eye out for any warping or structural issues as most times these problems are challenging to reverse.

  • Warping
  • Structural Damage
  • Chipping
  • Water Stains
  • Cracked or Broken Glass

Caulking and Weather Stripping

Window experts utilize caulking around windows to help protect your home from cold air. However, over time the material can degrade, causing small cracks and gaps to open around your windows. Caulking is in place to prevent drafts, leaks, and insects from entering your home. Homeowners should regularly check the condition of window caulking so proper maintenance can be performed. Weatherstripping is placed on windows to prevent rain and water from entering your home and to keep hot or cold air inside, depending on the season. If you begin to see light between the window glass and frame, it is likely that the weather stripping has become flattened, bent, or cracked over time, meaning it may be time for a replacement.

Broken or Faulty Hardware

Homeowners are encouraged to continually check the hardware on the windows to ensure everything is in working condition. Your windows are in place to offer a multitude of benefits, from energy efficiency and comfortable temperatures to increased privacy and security. If the windows on your home aren’t opening, closing, or locking correctly, a window replacement may be something to consider.

  • Cranks
  • Handles
  • Locks
  • Latches

If your home currently has single-pane windows, it’s recommended to upgrade to double-pane or triple-pane windows. The windows’ structure has improved over time, and these options offer homeowners an array of benefits from decreased outside noise and lower energy costs to lower condensation levels.

3. Inclement Weather Recently Hit Your Area

Severe weather can be detrimental not only to your home but also to your windows. From heavy rain and snow to hail and sleet, the weather is unpredictable and can damage your home when you least expect it. If you find any damage to your windows after a storm, it’s encouraged to have them repaired or replaced as soon as possible, so your home has ample protection for the next storm. After a storm, check the weather stripping and caulking to be sure no damage has taken place. If you’re unsure of where to begin, it’s encouraged to contact a window professional to assess the amount of damage accurately and assist you with the insurance claims process.

4. Sound Check

If you’re getting frustrated with outside noise entering your home, whether it be from a noisy neighbor, busy roads, or barking dogs, it may be time to start looking into replacing your windows. There have been many advancements in the window industry over the years, meaning new technology has created more durable windows that muffle or dampen outside noise. It’s likely that if you’re noticing excess noise, your windows are one of the older models, and it is time for an upgrade. With the ever-changing industry, it’s encouraged to think about replacing your windows after 20 years, especially if you begin to notice outside noise more frequently.

5. Your Home Looks Aged

Whether you’ve been in your home for many years or are not the first owner of your home, your house and windows can age over time. Previous homeowners may have also had a different taste than you, meaning it may finally be time for a remodel. Whether you’re updating your home out of necessity or convenience, it’s encouraged to give your windows attention. When purchasing your home, it’s essential to check how long the existing windows have been in place and if their aesthetic is a detail that compliments your home. If you’re looking to increase your home’s property value and add to the curb appeal, window replacements are an excellent option.

Is It Time to Replace Your Windows?

It’s vital for homeowners to continually monitor and inspect the windows on a home as windows protect your home and provide comfort and safety for household members. Whether new or old, the windows on your home combat the elements and require proper maintenance and repairs to stay optimal. From hefty energy bills and warping to broken hardware, homeowners should inspect their windows each season and after severe weather to verify the windows are staying in optimal condition. If it’s time to replace your windows, ask friends and family for recommendations and call a window professional today for repairs, replacements, and installations.