Siding FAQ

FAQ from the Best Siding Contractor in Minnesota

Protect your home from the elements and invasive mold with the right type of siding. Our licensed siding and roofing company in St. Paul Minnesota, is ready to answer any questions you may have. EZ Home Solutions serves a variety of communities in and around Minneapolis, Minnesota and have the experience you are looking for in a home repair service.


Contact us today to work with a licensed siding contractor who is ready to make a difference. As one of the best siding companies in Minnesota, we proudly serve residents in St. Paul and Roseville, Minnesota.


Vinyl siding is America's most popular choice. Offers excellent durability and value with minimal maintenance.


No one particular option is right for every home, so our company will help you select the best siding for your needs.


We take all components of the roofing system into consideration, including the soffit and fascia.

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