Roofing FAQ

FAQ on Roofing in Ramsey County, MN.

Make the most informed decision about your home with the answers you need from licensed roofing contractors in Minneapolis, MN. EZ Home Solutions serves a broad array of residential customers throughout St. Paul, Minnesota, and the surrounding communities. When it comes to the complexity of asphalt, slate, and metal roofing, it makes sense to consult with contractors specialized in roofing in St. Paul, MN.

General FAQ

The cost of roofing is based on several factors such as the size of your roof, the type of shingles, the roof pitch, as well as some additional accessories and options. Depending on the quality of shingles you choose, you can expect anywhere from $3 - $7 per sq. ft. for an asphalt roof. Your best bet for getting an accurate estimate is to have a professional come out and give you a free quote.

Contact us today with any additional questions you may have for our licensed roofer. EZ Home Solutions proudly serves customers in St. Paul, Minnesota, and the surrounding communities.

Roof Repair

From small leaks to emergency storm damage, our roofing experts at EZ Home Solutions offer all types of roof repair.

Asphalt Roof Installation

Low upkeep, cost, and high value have solidified asphalt shingles as the most popular choice among homeowners.

Roofing Products

EZ Home Solutions can go over all your options for roofing products. We only work with the best brands on the market.

Metal Roof Installation

Metal roofing is surging in popularity due to its long lifespan and an increasing number of aesthetic options.


We make roof replacement easy. We only use the highest quality materials with top-notch installation practices.


Proper gutter installation will add life to your roof and prevent water from invading your home. 

Roof Installation

Contact EZ Home Solutions today for roof installation and ongoing maintenance that can save you money.

Types of Roof Shingles

EZ Home Solutions specializes in roofing services. Learn about the types of roof shingles available for your project.


When you’re in need of roofing replacements, siding, windows, or hail damage repair, give EZ Home Solutions a call.

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