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Comparisons Different Type Of House Window Styles In Minneapolis-St.Paul, MN

When it comes to our windows in St. Paul, MN, you will always get exactly what you pay for. It may seem like your options are limitless when it comes to shopping for new windows as you can step into any home improvement store and find hundreds of different choices.

We offer many types of replacement windows in a plethora of styles including; single- and double-hung windows, slider, picture, casement, awning, garden, bay, and bow windows. With our many woodgrains and solid color options, we can help you find the perfect look for your home. Our window experts will always strive to inform and educate you through the entirety of your window project. Another choice to be aware of when purchasing windows is whether to get double-pane or triple-pane windows.

White colonial house windows.
Components of a triple-pane window.

What's so good about triple-pane?

During the energy crisis of the 1970s, the US Department of Energy and its Berkeley Laboratory in California worked with the window industry to find a way to reduce the heat transfer and energy losses that windows were causing. Their solution was low-E glass, which allows light to pass through but reflects heat, reducing energy loss by 35%.

Utilizing this low-E technology, inserting a super-thin layer of glass between a double-pane window, and adding krypton gas between the panes created the new standard for window replacements. These triple-pane windows are about 97% energy efficient, a 20% upgrade over double-pane with the same technology. Offering 5 times the insulation of a single-pane window, we always recommend triple-pane windows to our customers.



Our vinyl replacement windows are custom-built to provide beauty, strength, and energy efficiency.


Control your energy costs and enhance the resale value of your home with our window installation service.

Door Installation

With new doors, whether entry, porch, or sliders, you can increase the energy efficiency and resale value of your home.

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