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Repair Residential Roof Repair In Minneapolis-St.Paul, MN

You’re in luck. The EZ Home Solutions team is ready to visit your home at a moment’s notice when you’re in need of roof repair services. It’s vital that you begin the repair process as soon as you notice damage. Our roof repair service always begins with an inspection. We take detailed photos of every bit of damage. After assessing the damage, our roofers will help you find the best solution to repair your home. If it's determined to be storm or hail damage, we can gladly walk you through the insurance claims process.

Our roofers are experienced and trained for all kinds of roof repair, large or small. Common issues happen all the time just from simple wear and tear. Resolving problems promptly can prevent more serious repairs and replacements in the future. When you need help repairing your roof always partner with a roofing company you trust.

Severely damaged roof.
Heavy roof leak coming through ceiling.

Common Types of Roof Repair

Shingle Repairs - Over time shingles can experience a number of issues such as curling, splitting, blistering, shrinking, lifting, or even completely coming off of your roof. As long as the rest of your roof is in good shape, replacing a portion of shingles is a simple fix.

Flashing Repairs - When flashing does not properly seal, water can flow into the roofing materials. Left unchecked this can lead to rotting and extensive repair.

Roof Leaks - Whether it's a small or large leak, always consult a roofing expert to locate the source. You never know if there's a large pool of standing water on the verge of collapse.



Make roof replacement EZ. We only use the highest quality materials with top-notch installation practices.

Roof Installation

Contact EZ Home Solutions today for roof installation and ongoing maintenance that can save you money.

Types of Roof Shingles

EZ Home Solutions specializes in roofing services. Learn about the types of roof shingles available for your project.

Asphalt Roof Installation

Low upkeep, cost, and high value have solidified asphalt shingles as the most popular choice among homeowners.

Metal Roof Installation

Metal roofing is surging in popularity due to its long lifespan and an increasing number of aesthetic options.

Roofing Products

EZ Home Solutions can go over all your options for roofing products. We only work with the best brands on the market.

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