Disaster Watch: How to Minimize the Cost of Storm Restorations

Disaster Watch How To Minimize The Cost Of Storm Restorations

Minnesota is no stranger to severe weather. Blizzards, thunderstorms, flooding, and tornadoes: with such a wide variety of meteorological hazards always on the horizon, it is best for homeowners to be prepared for the worst. Taking a proactive stance is a sound strategy when it comes to protecting your property against the forces of nature.…

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The Pros and Cons of Metal Roofing

The Pros And Cons Of Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are becoming more and more common in both new construction and roof replacements. There are many advantages to choosing this material from our metal roofing experts. However, the material does have its drawbacks, and it is essential to be sure of the material you want to use for your roof. Below are the…

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Sustainable Materials for Your Roof

Sustainable Materials For Your Roof

When you are looking to replace your old roof, you may want a material that is more sustainable than your previous roof. Your roof is the ultimate line of defense against the elements and plays a part in the heating and cooling of your home. When you are looking for sustainable materials to protect against…

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Get Natural Lighting in Your Home with Skylights

Get Natural Lighting In Your Home With Skylights

Though many homeowners may consider skylights and roof windows a luxury, they can help brighten up any space with natural lighting. Skylights can easily transform a dark, cave-like room into a bright and friendly area. There are a variety of options available for windows set into the roofline, and they are often made of shatter-resistant…

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All about Tile Roofing

All About Tile Roofing

Tiled roofs can be beautiful and very durable, with the ability to last up to 100 years if properly cared for. Tile roofing is an excellent choice for roofs in warmer climates; however, they are very heavy and can break under certain conditions. Tile Roofing Pros Tile roofs are long-lasting, especially when installed in the…

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What to Know About Roofing Replacements

Roofer Roofing

Installing a new roof is one of the most critical home repair tasks you can do. A roof is essential to keeping your home, family, and belongings safe from water, severe weather, and animals. When your home is in need of a roof replacement, it is not a task that should be delayed. Contact EZ…

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