What can Be Salvaged after a Flood?

Flooded Home

Flooding has the potential to devastate your home and possessions completely. If you experience an unexpected flood due to a storm, determining what can be salvaged in the aftermath can be a daunting task. Aside from the home itself, which can be saved through our storm restoration in Minneapolis, your furniture is most likely the…

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How Roof Pitch will Determine the Materials Used

How Roof Pitch Will Determine The Materials Used

When choosing the roofing material you want for your home, there are a seemingly infinite number of choices. However, the pitch of your roof is a significant factor in which materials will work. The roof pitch is the angle, slope, or slant of your roof. The roof pitch designations are usually portrayed as a fraction,…

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How to Budget Costs for Roof Repair

How To Budget Costs For Roof Repair

Keeping your roof protected is an essential part of your overall home maintenance. You will need to act at the first sign of an impending repair, so it is essential to understand the costs of these repairs long before they are necessary. By learning how to budget the costs of roof repair in Ramsey County,…

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