Enjoy the Arts Scene with Museums and Historic Sites in Roseville, MN

Roseville, Minnesota, has various cultural attractions and historical sites, allowing visitors and residents to explore and enjoy the arts. From fine art galleries to historic sites and monuments, Roseville is teeming with destinations to captivate curious minds of all ages and backgrounds. While there are many locations to visit in Roseville, the following are museums and historic sites in particular, which should be prioritized. Learn more here.

First is the Sargent’s Nursery Garden and Historical Property in Roseville. This location was initially established by Norwegian settlers in the early-20th century and is home to several horticultural delights that include a variety of trees, shrubs, and a beautiful Japanese garden. This location is especially popular in the summer when the grounds come alive with rich foliage, nature trails, and bird-watching opportunities. Additionally, Sargent’s Nursery Garden and Historic Property is an excellent place to enjoy a picnic or attend special events or workshops hosted by the local horticultural society. Learn more about Must-See Events: Incredible Festivals Held in Roseville, MN.

The following location is the Twin City Model Railroad Museum. As the oldest operating museum in the nation, this museum houses a rich collection of three-dimensional model railroads. As visitors enter the museum, they are instantly transported to a world of imagination with multiple levels of tracks, miniature cities, and intricate detailing. This model railroad collection constantly expands, allowing visitors to marvel at new content each time.

As the city’s only nonprofit visual art center, the Roseville Art Center prides itself on displaying the best of visual art from local, regional, and international artists. With regular rotating exhibitions, visitors can view professional artists and students’ collections. Aside from its galleries, the Art Center also offers virtual classes and summer camps, allowing visitors to explore and develop their creative side.

The fourth attraction to visit in Roseville is the Minnesota Military Museum. Located on the grounds of the Minnesota National Guard Armory, this museum details and provides insight into the history of the Minnesota National Guard. The museum’s extensive collection spans multiple eras, with artifacts including uniforms, firearms, military photos, and much more. Additionally, the Museum offers a variety of educational programs and events where visitors can engage with veterans and further enhance their understanding of the military.

Fifth on the list is the Blue Star Studio and Gallery, located in a former fire station and serves as an exciting destination to not only marvel at creative works but also purchase them. Blue Star Studio and Gallery provide an array of curated pieces that range in genre and include paintings, sculptures, pottery, and photography. With the majority of art being created by local artists, visitors can take home a piece of Roseville and support the local creative community.

The Phalen-Keller Memorial County Park is next on the list and is located in the heart of Roseville. This location is ideal for outdoor exploration, as the park combines lush gardens and a peaceful lakefront. The Kinney Pioneer Museum is also located within the county park.

The seventh location is the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory, a prime destination for animal and plant enthusiasts to explore. Within the grounds, visitors can explore the interactive zoo exhibits, a garden with displays of seasonal plants, the charming Japanese teahouse garden, and the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory, which is made up of themed biomes from around the world. As one of the most visited attractions in Roseville, planning extra time for exploring this captivating destination is highly recommended.

From art galleries to parks and outdoor experiences, Roseville, Minnesota, has various attractions to captivate visitors. As one of the oldest and most culturally vibrant cities in the Twin Cities region, Roseville boasts a wide collection of museums and historical sites that are guaranteed to mesmerize appreciators of the arts and culture alike. With the above-listed ten museums and historical sites, visitors will be well on their way to creating an unforgettable experience in Roseville.


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