Explore the Wonders of Roseville, MN Museums

Roseville, MN, has many unique and interesting museums, offering something for everyone to explore. Known for housing some of Minnesota’s most common and eclectic museums, Roseville has much to offer in terms of educational and cultural experiences. From art to history and nature, a visit to Roseville, MN, will indeed be filled with wonderment and fascination. Find further facts here.

Roseville is home to the Minnesota Museum of American Art, the Minnesota Museum of Natural History, and the interactive Science Museum of Minnesota. Founded in 1881, the Minnesota Museum of American Art is the oldest art museum in the state and hosts one of the largest collections of American art in the United States. The museum is an excellent source of education and culture, offering countless works from some of the most renowned American artists. The museum also features an interactive area with museum interpreters that provide a hands-on approach to learning and exploring the art. Learn more about Explore: Enjoying the Incredible Parks of Roseville, MN.

The Science Museum of Minnesota is just as informative and entertaining as the art museum, presenting the world of science in an interactive form. Located in downtown Roseville, the Science Museum features many science exhibits, ranging from physics to life sciences and even astronomy. With engaging and interactive activities, visitors can enjoy exploring the infinite wonders of science. The Science Museum offers daily programs and events, as well as its own KidZone, which provides a variety of educational and engaging activities for children. 


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