Pro-activity Preserves Home Integrity

Pro-activity Preserves Home Integrity

Water Damage to Home Prevented

From rain to ice to snow, Minnesota homes are bound to encounter a barrage of moisture each passing year. Without properly fitted rain gutters, water can get under roof shingles or siding. It can form a virtual moat around a home, compromising foundations or opening up the possibility of leaks in basements.


Center City homeowners Keith and Pam Davis knew this and were committed to preventing such problems in their home on which gutters had never been installed. They had been lucky thus far but did not want to gamble on their odds any longer as they had noticed water pooling near the house and knew that over the long term, that could prove problematic.

They decided it was time to install gutters and began their search for the right contractor. Together with EZ Home Solutions, they were able to:

  • Prevent water damage to their home
  • Improve the look and curb appeal of their home
  • Save money by guarding against unnecessary repairs

A Process Focused on Customer Satisfaction


After evaluating multiple contractors, the Davis’ chose to work with EZ Home Solutions. The company had provided services for their niece who highly recommended them and their bid was within the necessary budget. The company’s Customer for Life guarantee also made them feel confident in choosing EZ Home Solutions.

EZ Home Solutions project manager Craig worked closely with the homeowners to select the gutter style and color of their liking that best complemented their home. One portion of the gutters did not originally install properly and Craig was once again right there. Between Craig and the crew, Keith and Pam soon had the gutters of their dreams with a perfect installation—just in time for a big thunderstorm.

About EZ Home Solutions

Experts in home remodeling for many years, EZ Home Solutions takes pride in customer service to a whole new level. Their lifetime satisfaction guarantee is just one manifestation of how serious owner Robert O’Geay is about making sure his customers are happy with all products and workmanship.