Five Durable Siding Solutions for Missouri Weather

Looking for a siding company in Ellisville? You’re probably feeling overwhelmed by the options. Many contractors have a favorite product that they promote as the pinnacle of modern construction materials, but is it really right for your home? The truth is there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Keep in mind that siding is a major investment; in addition to aesthetics, you’ll want to consider durability, energy efficiency, and future maintenance costs. These four siding solutions are some of the best-performing materials for Missouri’s humid, stormy summers and frigid winter weather.

  1. VinylOne of the longest-lasting materials available, vinyl offers a low-cost, easy-care alternative to traditional siding. Vinyl is naturally resistant to UV fading, insect damage and rot, and requires minimal maintenance. Plus, newer options include a wide range of styles, including, beaded and lap boards, shake, faux wood, and even unusually shaped shingles in hexagons, diamonds, scallops, and more.
  2. Polymer Shake and Shingle: While less common than other materials, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a siding company in Ellisville that offers polymer shingle installations. Like vinyl, polymer shake is highly durable, virtually maintenance-free, and often comes backed by a manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee. It is also available in an abundance of unique textures and fade-resistant colors.
  3. Brick and Stone: These heavy, hard-wearing materials never need painting or staining and are impervious to rot, fire, or insect invasion. However, brick and stone can also be expensive and require expert installation. Many homeowners opt for veneers, which offer comparable durability at a lower cost, and without the need for structural reinforcement.
  4. Insulated Vinyl: Insulated vinyl has all the advantages of standard vinyl, with the added benefit of an increased R-value. Thanks to its impressive thermal performance, this material has recently been added to the Energy Star Qualified Homes checklist.


You should remember that choosing a knowledgeable siding company in Ellisville for installation is just as important as finding the right materials. Make sure to protect your investment by doing your research before you buy!