New-Construction Windows Versus Replacement Windows: Which are Better?

New-Construction Windows Versus Replacement Windows: Which are Better?

Windows are a great addition to any property. They give homes natural light, strength against the elements, and a sound way to keep indoor temperatures at sensible levels. If you need to invest in new windows in Roseville, MN, there are a few things you should know when shopping for them. First, not all windows are the same — two types are used for different construction scenarios. Let us look at what they are.

Newconstruction Windows Versus Replacement Windows Which Are Better

The first type of window is the new-construction window. These windows include hardware, known as flanges that come with nails or attachment fins. As the name implies, these windows are best used for new construction projects — or in situations where existing walls have been damaged and require restoration work. This type is meant for installation in precise openings, where the trim and siding have yet to be put in place.

The second type of window is the replacement window. Their name states their purpose: they replace old windows. They do not include mounting hardware and are smooth-sided. The size of your existing installation limits your selection of replacements. A replacement window is rarely utilized in a new-construction situation. Instead, they may be used to replace broken fixtures while the supporting frame is still in serviceable shape.

Windows protect your home while enhancing its beauty, comfort, and energy efficiency. Therefore, it is worth it to go over your options to find the best possible choice. Discuss your project goals with a remodeling contractor to learn more about which type of window is a good fit for your situation.

New windows are a great way to strengthen your home. Contact us in Roseville, MN, to learn more about your replacement window options.