Missouri Home Made Better Than Before

Missouri Home Made Better Than Before

Hail Damage to Home Repaired

When one St. Louis County-area family experienced severe damage from a hail storm to their home, they help was needed. Their roof, siding and gutters all sustained some of the storm’s destructive effects to the tune of over $14,000.

Thanks to EZ Home Solutions, the Panters were able to:

  • Fix damage from the storm to multiple parts of the home
  • Prevent additional damage
  • Facilitate the insurance claim process

The Effects of Missouri Weather

Homes in the Midwest have to sustain severe weather extremes. Sometimes even the best houses can experience damage when Mother Nature’s expressions are strong enough. Such was the case for the home of James and Marilyn Panter of Ballwin, Missouri in St. Louis County. As is typically the case, a hail storm rolled into town with little to no warning, giving the Panters no way to prepare their home for the pelting that was to come.

EZ Home Solutions to the Rescue

EZ Home Solutions has serviced customers in the Midwest for years and knows when homeowners can be blindsided with unexpected damage to their homes. The company also knows how quickly people can need help in these situations, especially when temperatures are very cold or very hot. After the hail storm, helpful representatives from EZ Home Solutions connected James and Marilyn with one of the company’s project managers, Bill.

Bill worked closely with the Panters to assess the extent of the work needed to restore their home’s integrity and beauty. He developed bids and interfaced with their homeowner’s insurance company to help secure appropriate coverage for the work. Bill’s hands-on management was apparent all the way through completion of the project, including billing, in order to make sure that the Panters were 100% satisfied with the work and the process.

About EZ Home Solutions

Experts in home remodeling for many years, EZ Home Solutions takes pride in customer service to a whole new level. Their lifetime satisfaction guarantee is just one manifestation of how serious owner Robert O’Geay is about making sure his customers are happy with all products and workmanship.