Reinvent Your Home With New Siding

Reinvent Your Home With New Siding

Do you want to stand out from the tiny suburban boxes that all look the same? Or perhaps, you want to add a little more curb appeal to your existing home? It’s time to make your home stand apart from the rest and be proud of where you live with a new exterior. A siding company in Arnold, Missouri could help you do this. While vinyl siding seems to be everywhere due to its easy and cheap installation, there are a variety of more artistic and distinct options.


Wood siding has been a staple for hundreds of years, and it can provide substantial durability. However, in recent decades it has lost its appeal because of the regular upkeep required. If you are up for the job of regular staining and sealing, then natural wood is an excellent option to add a cabin or cottage appeal to your home. With its natural knots and intricacies, it is a natural artistic wonder. In addition, wooden shakes and shingles can be created in different sizes and placed in visually interesting patterns. It will bring an element of classic authentic beauty to your exterior.


Brick is another material that has been used for centuries, and it can add grandeur and sophistication to your home’s façade. Historically, the siding was used on Tudor, colonial, and English cottage exteriors. Brick brings a sense of regal and strong history to your home, adding richness and sophistication. While grand, brick also adds a sense of a cozy cottage. One drawback is that traditional brick-and-mortar can be expensive and time-consuming to install, but many siding companies offer veneers that can create the same effect.


Rock adds modern natural elegance to the exterior and is perfect for any home from a mountain estate to a beachside cottage. It creates a clean element with variants and artistry. Rock siding can be used to cover the entire exterior of your home, but it is typically more effective as an accent. You can use the rock siding to cover portions of your home to create a unique façade.

When considering installing new siding on your home, don’t just go for the cheap easy norm. Instead, once you have found a siding company in Arnold, look into some more creative, elegant and unique options.