The Best Roofing Materials for Durability

The Best Roofing Materials for Durability

When looking to replace the roof of your home, one of your primary objectives is to ensure that the material you choose will be durable and able to withstand the elements of your climate. Many different materials can cater to an individual’s preference for aesthetic, cost, and resale value. However, if durability is what you are after, below are the top 3 materials for a roof that will last.

The Best Roofing Materials For Durability
  1. Slate Roof

A slate roof not only provides a beautiful appearance, but it can also last up to and over one hundred years! This material’s durability comes from the fact that it is made from thick slabs of stone laid down on the roof. Slate roofs are fireproof and low-maintenance but are also heavy, so be sure your frame is sturdy enough to support it.

  1. Spanish Tile Roof

Spanish tile roofs offer an upscale look and can last from 70-100 years. These beautiful, rusty–colored clay tiles can create a stunning look for your home with the added benefit of being non-combustible and an excellent insulator. Similar to slate roofs, these tiles are also heavy so be sure your truss strength can hold them.

  1. Wood Shake Shingle Roof

Wood shake shingle roofs last anywhere from 35-40 years, and though they do not have the lifespan of the previous two options, they provide exceptional weather and UV ray protection. Wooden shakes are a lot thicker than wooden shingles so that they can provide even better insulation.

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